We have 15 reasons why you should make the switch to LED bulbs

Hesitant to spend the extra money to make the switch to LED bulbs? We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons people now use LED over conventional bulbs:

  1. Proven to have 75% in energy savings.
  2. The white light is a much nicer light on the eyes and even helps vision. If you normally use reading glasses, under white light it is very likely you won’t need them anymore.
  3. The long lifespan of the bulbs saves you money.
  4. Good for your health, without chemicals or anything harmful.
  5. LED bulbs do not produce a lot of heat, providing savings in the summer on air conditioning.
  6. The cold weather conditions will not affect the bulbs, making them great for outdoor shops.
  7. The bright 6500k is a full spectrum light, making it great for growing plants.
  8. The fluorescent bulb replacements are two and a half times brighter than most fluorescents (2 tubes for a 4 tube fixture would be enough).
  9. The bulbs are low wattage which makes it easier to live off the grid.
  10. Good for the environment, less waste.
  11. Variety of options and color temperatures.
  12. With their sleek modern style, these bulbs will fit into your home decor.
  13. Once carbon tax kicks in the benefits of going LED will be even greater.
  14. Alberta will soon offer rebate programs to those switching to LED.
  15. LEDs are the way of the future (GE Electric has recently announced they no longer are making fluorescent bulbs).

According to this list, switching over to LED bulbs is a no brainer. You will save money in the long run, improve your health and reduce the amount of energy consumed, thus reducing your carbon footprint. If you still aren’t convinced, visit us at our Edmonton store or contact us This is one small way you can do your part in helping to sustain the earth.