Bringing LED Smart Lighting Solutions to Canada

At Smart Energy Alternates we see a lower carbon future for Canada, and part of this is to lower energy consumption. When we invest in energy reduction, we invest in our future. Through reducing our carbon emissions and costs surrounding energy, we can all become the catalyst for change.

Not only are LEDs better for the environment, but they are better for your health. There have been many studies done on the long term negative effects of exposure to conventional fluorescent lights. Those negative health effects include, but are not limited to; migraines, eye strain, stress and anxiety. Imagine you spend 8 hours per day in your office, that’s about 2,000 hours per year you are spending under fluorescent lighting.

LED Lighting Products

We Do Energy Audits!

Whether you’re thinking of making the switch for your home or office, LEDs offer dramatic savings by greatly reducing electricity consumption and overall maintenance costs. While it’s true that LED products have higher initial costs than conventional lights, the savings over time will make up for it. Don’t believe us? Our qualified LED consultants can conduct an energy audit on your current lighting configuration.


Why SEA?

We have 3 primary goals at Smart Energy Alternates.

Availability: Our goal is to have as much stock as possible available to our customers.

Education: Our staff lives and breathes LED bulbs.

Quality: At Smart Energy Alternates we can explain the differences in the quality of the lights you are getting and the different light colors available.


Our Products

Smart Energy Alternates offers hundreds of LED products for commercial and residential use. We have all products in stock, so if you order online your order will be shipped directly from the store. When you come into our store, we are able to show you working examples and you can go home the same day with your products.


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